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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More beautiful People

So Monday we sat sat McDonalds for 7 hours updating blog and emailing and sorts. Then we walked about 4 miles or so to Darlene's house to meet her and her husband and to join them for a worship service at their house. We got about 5 blocks from her house and Sherry, the wonderful woman who gave us a lift to Redden State Park on our second day pulls over and has this big smile on her face. I am looking at her, thinking, "I know you and I just met you recently" and after about 10 seconds I realized who she was. She was wondering how we got to where we were because we were not on the trail. We told her we had met some amazing people and were invited to a worship service there in Arnold. She gave us another lift and we hope to see her again! God bless you Sherry!!
We knocked on Darlene's door and were immediately greeted with warm hugs from her and her husband Roy. When I sat down I was telling them how for 2 days my feet had been really swolen and tingling and she said she would get me a pot of hot water and epsom salt to put them in. Which was great because that is exactly what I was thinking I needed to do. Even more incredible was she said when she woke up that morning the spirit was telling her to soak my feet when I got there! So that was fantastic because my swelling went down and I felt so much better. We joined her and Roy for some delicious spaggheti and sharing stories of how the holy spirit works and all the wonderful things God is using their home for. It is truly an amazing ministry they have going on in their home. After dinner Jeff and I took some quick showers and got ready for worship.
Lots of people showed up and their house could not have been any fuller. The worship service was beautiful. Two straight hours of music and praising God and prayer and thanksgiving. It was like a worship jam session!! The holy spirit filled their home and ministered to all who were there. We shared our testimony with all of them and many found the faith God has given us inspiring. They all prayed for us and we received some confirmation on some things we were feeling in our spirit before we left Oklahoma. It was about midnight or so before we finished the service. We met so many beautiful people who were filled with the spirit of God. I can't wait to see you all again, in this life or in the one to come!
The Curry family had an extra bedroom with a tempurpedic mattress and they allowed us to sleep in it. It was heavenly! I planned on sleeping in but my body was so used to getting up that I woke up at 7 and tried to go back to sleep but did not until 30 minutes before I had to get up. When I did get up the Curry's were away at work but told us to make ourselves at home and so I swam in their tub with epsom salt and lavender. My body was very thankful and rejuvenated, and I smelled great!! Darlene had arranged for a friend of hers to pick us up and drive to Annapolis so we could check it out. Her name is Jean. She and her husband, Henry, were a blessing. I will tell you more about them later.

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  1. This is so inspiring and insane! I can't believe so many people are opening up their homes to you! The lord has choosen these people firsthand and I know the rest of your trip will be even more of a blast! I pray I get to see you soon, if not I hope you come back to Oklahoma when the journey is over. Love you sister! ~Nicole Racolta