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Monday, June 21, 2010

D.C. and Georgetown

OK so we left Starbucks after a few hours of internet business and headed over to the indian restaurant. I didn't like the looks of the place so we went down the street to all the Chinese writing and pictures of plates of food. :) We went in with our packs on and was greeted with questioning smiles. No one in the restaurant could speak english very well so we just ordered by number. Kristin had the mixed vegetable noodle with shrimp and I had Gen. Tso's Chicken. It was AMAZING!!! The best chinese food we've had. Perhaps ever. So after lunch we burrowed back down to the subway and popped up near the capitol building. We walked over to it and sat down to pray and read from the bible. It was a nice relaxing time spent giving thanks and asking for guidance for our country's leaders. No one else could come, probably due to it being father's day, so Kristin and I went it alone.

After praying for America, we got up to head over to the subway. That's when my chafing started to come back. It wasn't as bad but we had a long way to go and it was getting worse! If anyone has any suggestions for a fat guy who is walking a lot, I'm all ears! Anyway, we dug our way down to the trains and set off for Rosslyn, VA. When we came out we walked back across the Key Bridge to Georgetown, D.C. We located the C&O canal just after crossing back into D.C. This is where we will pick the trail back up, and we will take it on out to West Virginia. We were going to walk over to the C&O Canal Information center, but it was late on a sunday and figured them for closed. So we went a few blocks down to the Barnes and Noble to get on to their internet. We wanted to find a place to stay where we could get good and rested before we set off on the Canal, and we needed to do some laundry because we had no clean clothes left. We looked at every possible option in the D.C. area and the best option was the Holiday Inn back at Rosllyn, VA. We called ahead and reserved a room and walked back across the Key Bridge (and the Potomac River) to the Hotel. With chafing getting worse, backs hurting, and hungry, we checked in, started our laundry, and ate pizza while laying in clean hotel beds!! What a long day! We discovered that our 7th floor balcony overlooked the Potomac and Georgetown, but we were too tired to enjoy it for very long.

We woke up well rested, but now Kristin thinks she might have a torn/pulled muscle in her upper thigh and we are 16.6 miles from the next campsite on the C&O Canal. After a quick walk to Safeway and CVS we are getting ready to check out and head over to the information center and take it from there.

We love and miss all of you, please keep us in your prayers as we do you.

~ Jeff


  1. Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel, try it!!

  2. Crazy Jeff, I just came through the Chinatown Metro station myself about five days ago, up there on business. Sorry I missed you guys. Safe travels! -Dan Walker

  3. Ok so thanks to Cory and Heather for suggesting white solid antiperspirant. It was INSTANT relief for my "problem." Lasted all day too!! Wow.

    Dan - Miss you man! I hope you got to eat in Chinatown bro. Say hi to the gang back home and pass along the blog. Peace!