"I am a voice shouting in the wilderness, Clear the way for the LORD's coming!'"

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 3-6

We spent a Day 3 at Redden State Park resting our feet and our minds. We were completely exhausted after day 2. Other than the evening mosquitos that feasted on our blood it was beautiful and relaxing. We had the entire park to ourselves! We woke up around 5 a.m. on Day 4 and got packed up and ate a good breakfast. It was a beautiful day. It was a sunny 75-80 degrees with a heavenly breeze the entire walk. We actually made it 12 miles to Bridgeville Delaware. We surprised ourselves. We told a couple people on the way what we were doing and gave them our blog. When we were about oh I will say 3/4 of a mile from Bridgeville we saw a building with a huge red roof and just wanted it to be closer. By that time we felt like we were about to pass out, and for a second, felt like we were in the desert! Haha, we are so out of shape!! We got to that building and it just so happened to be a farmers market called T.S Farms. We walked in and I asked how far to the nearest restaurant and they said a mile. I moaned, "Oh my Lord, I can't walk that far". I turned around and dropped my pack on the porch and fell flat on my back!! I think they thought we were crazy!! After a few minutes of regaining our composure, we went back in and bought some yummy trail mix, pb filled pretzels, a gigantic Arizona sweet tea each, a carton of delicious plums, a honey stick, and used the restrooms. The owner of the farm came in and talked to us a bit, he told us we could camp in his peach orchard. So we stashed our packs in the orchard and got a ride by the nice woman who worked there to Tony's, an authentic Italian pizza joint. It was amazing!! On the way back through town as we were walking Jeff and I got a very strong sense that we should not stay there and we actually quickened our step to get to our packs and leave town. We got to our packs and prayed, and as we were leaving town we turned around and put our hands up towards the town and prayed for the people there. We asked God to bless the town and draw people to him. God carried us 3 more miles to the corner of Blanchard Road and Epworth Church Road. Thank you to Ron who gave us water, and to Kenny who showed us the church! God bless you guys! We camped out in the lawn at the church for all of Day 5 to recoup from the previous day.
We had seen on the sign post, that the church was having a bible study tuesday night (day 5) so we were anxious to join them. Nobody came so we just walked across the street to ask for some water and met a lovely young lady named Dawn, who offered to do a load of laundry for us. We felt so blessed to have such kindness offered to us. We helped her hang up bean lines and sand on a headboard she was refinishing, and in turn, she let us taste grandma's famous homemade mint tea. It was absolutely the greatest tea ever!! Thanks grandma! We met her younger sister Amber and talked with them till dark and then went back to the tent and crashed.
The morning of day 6, we packed up and ate very little food. We ran out of oatmeal so we did not have that big of a breakfast. As we were walking, I was telling Jeff how wonderful a blessing it would be if there was a little country store that served breakfast and coffee. Just a few minutes later, we got something even better. A nice gentleman named George stopped and asked if we were walking the ADT, and we told him yes and a little about what we were doing it for. He said he and his wife usually invite the hikers to camp in their yard and fix them dinner. However we were a little early because it was only 8 a.m. So we bid farewell and God-bless and kept walking. Just about 10 minutes later George drove back by and said turn right on this next street and stop at the first house on the left, my wife Gene is making you bacon and eggs!! "Wow", I thought, "God is good!!" So we ate breakfast and drank coffee and told them our story. They were such nice folks and they bid us farewell (and sent us with a fresh box of quaker oats :) as we headed down the trail toward the Maryland State line. The world needs more George & Gene's!!!


SIDE-NOTE: Kristin is off to soak her blistered feet in a hot bath here at the Best Western. We splurged and got a hotel room and some pizza hut pasta and salads. We are just that out of shape. Plus, we both really needed a real shower. :) ~Jeff

So after leaving George and Gene's we walked a few more miles and hit the Maryland State Line. It was pretty cool because we were walking along a paved road in Delaware and then when we crossed over into Maryland we were on dirt road. Our first dirt road! It sure felt good to our screaming feet. The packs are feeling lighter and more comfortable, but now our feet and knees are the ones slowing us down. Kristin and I both have a few blisters and are having to stop every so often to tend to them. After 6 1/2 hours of walking along corn fields and chicken farms, we finally reached the outskirts of Denton, MD. Our knees and feet were throbbing and threatening to give out at any moment so we started to pray that God would send us a ride. Sure enough, about 2 miles down the road Brother Walter Burgess arrived on the scene. He is a Chaplain/Marine/Firefighter and he drove us down the road to the Best Western. He gave us 2 candy bars and a loaf of yummy english muffin bread fresh from the market. We checked in and used the bread to give thanks to God and take the Lord's supper. After that we walked across the parking lot to the Pizza Hut and had Grilled Chicken Alfredo and salads. YUM!! After we left the Pizza Hut we were walking back across the lot and saw a small little church having a bible study in a little shopping center. God led us to speak to them. We walked in and was able to share our testimony and all that led up to the walk with them. We spent the evening uplifting and praying for each other and then after some of the guys performed some songs for us. Three of the guys were in a Christian Rap group and let me tell you, they were actually really good!! If you want to hear them go to myspace and look up "Gorillas of Gospel." So after they played some new songs off their new record for us we talked and shared contact information. I couldn't stand it anymore, there was a bass leaning up in the corner of the stage and I asked if they thought the owner would mind if I played it, and they said it was ok. So I played a little bit for them and then Kristin sang a song for them. It was great to fellowship and showcase the talents that God gave us with other musicians! We were so blessed to have been led to that bible study! Our spirits were lifted so high after leaving there our feet barely even hurt now. We will be praying for you guys and the work that you are doing! We will be praying for Glen to be healed from his attack and for the man who attacked him too! We are going to check emails and verify the map. Then we are going to crash.


To all our friends and family, "we love and miss all of you deeply, and are praying that God holds you in his hands until his return."

~The Vandagriff's


  1. Pretty amazing. I'm praying now for your protection and for appointments by God today as you travel. I'll be looking forward to reading more!

  2. Jeff and Kristin: My wife and I walked across America in 2006. We have committed to pray for you. You will be walking through our city later in your Journey, Marion, IN. I am a pastor there. We would love to walk with you for a couple of days and provide you with a motel and some good meals when you are here. Please call my cell phone for some information about blisters. My wife suffered from them for six months. She may have some advice for Kristin. (765) 506-6183. You will feel like givng up many times. Don't do it. God will carry you. If he told you to do it, He will enable you to complete the task. God Bless

  3. WOW! I am just amazed at your journey and at God's grace and God's love. He is the ulitmate provider and protector! I am so honored that you are sharing this journey of obidience with all of us. You are on the right path, rest in the love of the Heavenly Father and take strength from his steadfastness. I love you both.