"I am a voice shouting in the wilderness, Clear the way for the LORD's coming!'"

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 2

Today started out great. We woke up and Kelly and Felicia insisted that we come in and have coffee and bagels. So we got dressed and headed inside for breakfast. It was such a treat! Felicia was trying her hardest to give us a ride down the road, but Kristin, Kelly, and I all felt that we should walk. Kelly finally convinced his wife that if she gave us a ride down the road that we might miss someone that God wanted us to talk with. She reluctantly agreed. She is such a caring person! We finished our breakfast and coffee and said our good byes. May God bless the Cannon’s household with peace and joy everyday!

After leaving we were thinking how amazing it was that they literally lived right on the trail we were walking. It was just too much to be coincidence. From the Cannon’s house we walked down into Milton, DE. It is an adorable little town that was originally founded as a ship building town eons ago. Every house looks like a doll house and there are little shops and things. The trail led us down to Magnolia Street. We have told this to Felicia and she told us we didn’t want to go all the way down to Magnolia street because it was quicker to take Broad St. Well we just had to keep walking on down to Magnolia because the town was so nice, and it’s a good thing we did. There was a really awesome little pond and a cobblestone sidewalk that led us through all kinds of flowers and other lush greenery. It really lifted our spirits even higher than they already were. You might as well call Milton, Mayberry!

After leaving Milton behind we headed out of town on a little country road. We only got about 4.5 miles down the road when Kristin’s feet started to really hurt. Like I said before, our packs are entirely too heavy and we need to run into a post office bad. Not only are our packs too heavy, but we are definitely out of shape. So we stopped on an old farm called Burton Farm and sat down to look at Kristin’s feet. Sure enough, she had a blister and really swollen feet. We treated the blister with moleskin and ate some jerky and trail mix. After a while we decided to give it another try. For the first few minutes Kristin was saying, “Lord if you can die on the cross for me, I can do this!” then in the next breath she was saying, “Jesus you were fully God! I am not fully God I cannot do this! PLEASE PLEASE send someone to give us a ride!!!”She was able to walk another half a mile down the trail before she was really in pain. We were thinking that we were just going to have to set the tent up in farmer Joe’s back forty and rest. It was at that point when Sherry Gore from Annapolis showed up. She pulled over and asked us if we needed some water because it was like 95 outside. Kristin promptly told her that we had plenty of water, but the look on her face was enough for Sherry to ask if she could give us a ride! We jumped right in! She had been coming out every weekend to section hike and bike the ADT (american discovery trail) and told us that she had the same map we did and that the mileage was all wrong. Instead of only having .97 miles to go we had over 4! We were even more thankful. She took us the rest of the way to Redden State Park headquarters. She gave us her phone number and told us to call her if we needed a ride over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge because she only lived about 5 minutes from there. We were in awe of how God was taking care of us. It has only been two days, but each day we had pushed it to our breaking point and God picked us up and took us the rest of the way. Talk about affirming your faith.

We found no one here at the state park, and was surprised to see a nice screened in patio on the porch of the headquarters. It was open and had no maps of the campgrounds, and the phone numbers we called were all after hours with it being a saturday, BUT... they had two really comfortable adirondack chairs on the front porch, and we made use of them for the next 4 hours or so! We used the time to watch some videos of people back home telling us good bye and passing on their words of wisdom. It was nice, but made us miss everyone a little. We also sewed some of our patches on our backpacks. Turns out, I am a way better seamster that Kristin! Thanks MOM!! I also found an outside faucet, power outlet, and a portapotty. We filled up our water bottles and made some pomegranate raspberry sun-tea in one of our bottles. It was de-lish! After several hours a volunteer firefighter came by and let us in the office to get some good maps and a camp permit. The cool thing is that it is free to camp here. Unlike $32p/night at Cape Henlopen S.P. We stayed on the screened in porch until the sun started going down and then went and set up camp. We made red quinoa and black bean soup with tapatio sauce. It was amazing! We went to bed totally exausted and reflecting how God had provided.



  1. Sounds like a great day, except for the blisters and swollen feet... love you

  2. Looking for your e-mail address. We may be able to offer a little trail magic in WV, so we'll be watching your progress...still a long way to get here! We have a friend about 45 miles down the road who also tries to do a little trail magic too. We hiked the ADT across WV last year...so we are somewhat familiar with the route. :) God speed! PS...the route takes you right by our church where my husband is a Sunday School teacher and I am treasurer!

  3. Wow! Sounds Awesome, I can't wait to meet you. How did you find out about us? Our email is jeff.m.van@gmail.com